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Dentoalveolar Surgery in Davis, CA

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Davis Oral Surgery & Implant Center provides dentoalveolar surgery procedures in Davis, CA. To learn more or schedule a consultation, please call our office at 530-297-7000.

What Is Dentoalveolar Surgery?

Dentoalveolar surgery refers to procedures of the soft and hard tissues supporting the teeth. These tissues include the jaw bone and gums. The most commonly known dentoalveolar surgery is a tooth extraction.

Procedures Offered

Tooth Extractions - We offer single-tooth, multiple-teeth, and full-mouth extractions. Dentists cannot always save decayed, damaged, and infected teeth, leading to the need for extraction.

Teeth also sometimes need to be extracted for orthodontic reasons. When permanent teeth are not erupting in a desirable path, extractions of select baby teeth can be helpful in guiding the permanent teeth into place. For patients with severe crowding, serial extractions involve the extraction of both baby and permanent teeth. We work closely with your orthodontist and/or dentist in coordinating the timing for these types of extractions.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is also a common type of dental extraction. These teeth often need to come out when impacted, when they interfere with other teeth, or when they cause discomfort or infection.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery - Patients may also need dentoalveolar surgery before receiving full or partial dentures. In this case, Dr. Albadawi may need to smooth the jaw bone ridge before they can receive dentures. Some patients have too much bone height or width, and even irregular bone can cause sore spots while wearing dentures. Ridge augmentation, tori removal, and reshaping gum tissue are a few types of surgeries needed prior to taking impressions for removable prosthetics.

Benefits of Dentoalveolar Surgery

  • Extracts teeth due to pain, infection, and gum disease
  • Creates a smooth, comfortable bony foundation for full and partial dentures
  • Allows patients to receive well-fitting dentures and implants

Why Choose Davis Oral Surgery and Implant Center?

We treat our patients like family. We want to ensure our patients are well-informed at all times and feel supported by our doctor and staff. We use the most up to date equipment and techniques to achieve positive outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentoalveolar Surgery

How does the oral surgeon determine whether patients need this procedure?
Together with your dentist or orthodontist, Dr. Albadawi will thoroughly examine the mouth and take additional diagnostic images as needed to determine what procedures you will need. Our CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner provides a 3-D model of the entire mouth area, allowing him to check the gum and bone anatomy.
Why would a patient need gum surgery before getting new dentures?
Excess gum tissue may build up in folds after patients have worn dentures for a long time or when the dentures don't fit properly. The oral surgeon will remove this unneeded tissue to create a smooth fit for the new dentures.
Is dentoalveolar surgery uncomfortable?
Every patient is different and has a different level of apprehension in a surgical setting. Local anesthesia is effective in eliminating pain; however, some patients prefer to have sedation so they can sleep through the procedure. The gums may take a few weeks to heal, while the bone underneath may take longer. The oral surgeon will prescribe appropriate medication and discuss helpful post-surgical instructions.
How long does it take to recover from dentoalveolar surgery?
Typically, it takes about 10 days to two weeks for extraction sites to heal. The underlying bone may take several months to heal enough to place a conventional denture, partial denture, bridge, or implant.

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To ask questions about dentoalveolar surgery or schedule an appointment, please call our Davis, CA office at 530-297-7000. We will schedule a consultation with Dr. Albadawi to determine the necessity of this surgery.

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