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Can Dental Implants Be Done In One Day?

June 24, 2024
Can Dental Implants Be Done In One Day

Dental implants can replace teeth that are missing, severely decayed, or damaged beyond repair. They replace the entire tooth structure, including the root and the crown of the tooth. The typical dental implant placement process takes place over the course of a few months. But can dental implants be done in one day? The short answer is: sometimes. Learn more about immediate dental implants and what it takes to be eligible for this procedure. 

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in the jaw. A crown can be attached to replace the visible portion of the tooth. The implant fuses with the bone to hold the prosthetic tooth in place for a natural look and function. 

What Are Immediate Dental Implants? 

Immediate dental implants can be placed in a single appointment. In most cases the existing tooth is extracted and replaced with a dental implant on the same day. 

Benefits of Immediate Dental Implants 

Getting immediate dental implants has certain benefits, such as: 

  • Convenience. Rather than multiple appointments to get a dental implant the traditional way, immediate dental implants can be done in as little as one appointment. 
  • Avoid bone loss. As soon as a tooth is extracted, the support structures for that tooth begin to deteriorate. The bone will eventually dissolve completely over time. Immediate dental implants prevent bone loss. 
  • Cosmetic improvement. Immediate dental implants provide patients with a permanent replacement on the same day, rather than wearing a temporary prosthetic while waiting that may not look as natural. 

Disadvantages of Immediate Dental Implants 

There are also some disadvantages of getting immediate dental implants, including: 

  • May prolong infection. If there is existing gum disease or residual infection from a decayed tooth, immediate dental implants may prolong the infection and prevent it from healing. 
  • Not ideal for those with weakened immune systems. Patients with weakened immune systems due to other health conditions may not have the healing capacity for immediate dental implants to be successful. 

Am I a Candidate for Immediate Dental Implants? 

Not everyone is eligible for immediate dental implants. If you have existing gum disease, bone loss in the jaw, or you smoke, this procedure may not be right for you. But if you have good oral and systemic health, you may be a good candidate for immediate dental implants. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Immediate Dental Implants

Does dental implant surgery hurt? 

In most cases your existing tooth can be extracted and replaced with a dental implant using just local anesthesia and conscious sedation. One advantage to this procedure is that you can get it done all at once, minimizing the number of procedures and the amount of anesthesia you will receive overall. 

How long do immediate dental implants last? 

Whether you get immediate dental implants or have them placed in multiple steps, they can last for 30 years to a lifetime. Once the dental implant fully fuses with the bone in your jaw, the bond can last for the rest of your life as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and overall health.  

Find Out if You’re Eligible

If you’re interested in immediate dental implants, schedule a consultation with Davis Oral Surgery & Implant Center. After a brief evaluation we can determine your eligibility for this tooth replacement option. 

Call 530-297-7000 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. 

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